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Spread the word about CREATE!’s mission, projects, and news through social media to help us address the needs of Senegal people in rural areas. Tweet, post, share, send us a message! Let’s start a conversation about our global community.

You can also start a Facebook Fundraiser for our cause!  Set a goal and encourage your friends to contribute!


Get involved with CREATE! by learning about our programs, climate change, and related socio-economic issues impacting Senegal people in rural communities. Check out our resources below to find out more:

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Network for Good

Support CREATE!’s project on Network for Good. Get involved by helping us provide access to clean, abundant water for 1,500 Senegal people in rural communities.

Supporting Senegal People By Mail

You may also donate to CREATE! via check at this address:

132 East Broadway, Suite 416
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Network For Good


$30 Offer seeds of hope. Contribute to a new garden cooperative.

$50 Support community savings and lending groups.

$100 Build skills and opportunities. Purchase supplies for sustainable agriculture training.

$250 Invest in economic opportunity by funding women’s poultry cooperatives.

$500 Protect the community’s investment. Help fence a new cooperative garden site.

$750 Plant for the future by supporting a village tree planting program.

$1000 Invest in the future by supporting the installation of water storage and in-ground irrigation networks for a new community garden.

$3000 With solar panels, women can easily access water for their gardens. Fund the purchase and installation of a solar panel array to pump water from a newly rehabilitated well.

$5000 Provide year-round access to abundant and affordable clean water by helping to buy and install a solar-powered water pump in a rehabilitated well.

As a nonprofit organization, we are funded almost solely by grants and donations. Over 80% of our budget goes towards the programs we run in rural Senegal, led by our Senegalese field staff, with the remainder going towards management and fundraising. Over 50% of these funds come from individuals and private donations, making donors a fundamental part of CREATE!’s operations.

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132 East Broadway, Suite 416
Eugene, Oregon 97401

(541) 603-0522

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