First Impressions of CREATE!

CREATE!’s New Executive Director, Michael Carson (second from right), recently visited Senegal to meet the team and visit CREATE!'s partner communities. In this week’s blog post, Michael reflects on his first impressions of Senegal NGO CREATE!’s programs and returning...

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Celebrating World Water Day in Senegal

This Friday, we are celebrating World Water Day 2019! Water is the source of life and yet, so many people across the globe are left without proper access to it. Particularly clean, affordable, and abundant water. In rural Senegal, where it rains only 2-3 months out of...

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Creating Vibrant Villages Across Rural Senegal

In Senegal, there’s a Wolof proverb: Jangal nit ki napp moo gën di ko may xaalis. Translated, the proverb essentially says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Here at CREATE!, we believe in long-lasting...

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Village Benefits of Raising Poultry

For most rural villages in Senegal, chicken is only eaten for holidays and special occasions. Not because poultry is specifically saved for holidays, but because of its high price in both money and time. For the community of Darou Diadji, feeding your family poultry...

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