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Celebrating CREATE! ’s Impact in Senegal

For ten years CREATE! has carried out impactful work in Senegal, providing thousands of Senegalese women and their families with access to clean water, improved cookstoves, nutritious vegetables, and access to credit. In 2010, we started with five partner communities: Diender, Fass Kane, Fass Koffe, Ouarkhokh, and Thienaba. Today, we have 18 partner communities and are continuously expanding each year. We look forward to accomplishing more goals in the next decade.

Watch the video of CREATE!’s partner communities and how our impact has grown!


(Based on the 2021 Annual Report)

More People Gained Access to Clean, Affordable Water

Liters of Clean Water Collected per Village Everyday for Household Use

Liters of Water Pumped Everyday on Average

Cooperative Garden Participants

Trees Planted

Pounds of Vegetables Harvested

Improved Cookstoves Built in Partner Communities


VSLA Participation Rate

Chickens Sold – Over 90% Sold in Partner Communities

Now Is The Moment To Invest In Hope

During our 2021-23 Strategic Plan period we will support 4 new women’s groups to rehabilitate 4 new wells, start 4 new community gardens, 4 irrigation systems, 6 poultry sheds and 6 village level savings and credit associations (VSLAs). This will enable CREATE! to achieve and consolidate the following impact from our inception in 2010 through the end of 2023: 

  • Support 23 women’s groups to build more resilient communities;
  • Improve the lives of 20,000 community members through access to clean water, nutritious vegetables and income generating activities;
  • Construct and maintain 23 solar-powered water and irrigation systems;
  • Establish and maintain 23 community gardens, poultry sheds and savings and credit funds;
  • Improve the nutritional diversity of 20,000 community members;
  • Reclaim at least 60 acres of barren land from desertification for cultivation.
  • Plant an average of 20,000 trees annually. Almost 200,000 trees have been planted since 2010.

Our team in West Africa is ready. All they need are the resources to get the job done.

Join our community of supporters from all over the globe by making a donation in honor of CREATE!’s impact:

We invite you to make a meaningful gift to help sustain and grow our unique programs. Every donation makes a difference as we work to create a sustainable future for communities across Senegal!

$10 – Grassroots support add up! With many $10 donations, you can offer seeds of hope to expand community gardens in rural Senegal today.

$110 – We can accomplish financial literacy for women in rural Senegal with your gift at this level today!

$1010 – When you give at this level, we can provide access to clean abundant water for numerous families across rural Senegal using solar technology.

Interested in leaving a legacy behind at CREATE!? Email Executive Director, Michael Carson to learn more about a planned gift that will benefit West Africa for generations to come:

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