As CREATE! enters its second decade of operations, we will catalyze greater resilience, climate action, and economic empowerment. We have developed a 2021-2023 Strategic Plan driven by our principles to support locally-led solutions that create sustainable self-reliant communities. “I am excited to announce the launch of our new strategic plan and to embark on community-based climate action, with women as the drivers of change,” says CREATE!’s Executive Director, Michael Carson.

During this period, CREATE! will support four new women’s groups to rehabilitate four new wells, start four new community gardens, irrigation systems, poultry sheds, village-level savings and credit associations (VSLAs), and improve the lives of 20,000 community members. “We are looking forward to collaborating with local governments, our generous supporters and women’s groups to train them to engage in income-generating activities,” Michael explains.

Learn more about our Strategic Plan here and support our partner communities’ efforts across rural Senegal.