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In Senegal, there’s a Wolof proverb that says nit nitay garabam. This means “people are a person’s medicine”. Creating community and taking care of your neighbors is simply ingrained in Senegalese culture. At CREATE!, we believe in the strength and support of our global community and honor connections both near and far.


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Reasons to Support CREATE!

Did you know that each year thousands of people migrate from Senegal in search of work? Agriculture is the main source of work for rural communities in Senegal but with increasing desertification and a 3 to 4-month rainy season, many people spend the rest of the year searching for ways to earn income. This is what drives individuals to risk the journey to Europe in order to support their families. But what if there is a way for both men and women to earn a stable income from their communities? A way to keep families together?

Through CREATE!’s projects, people no longer need to leave their families in search of work. They can improve their livelihoods and develop self-sufficiency right from their village. Using a participatory approach, CREATE! builds strong relationships with rural communities and provides training in four main sectors: water, agriculture, renewable energy, and income generation. People are empowered to work together to develop their villages into sustainable self-sufficient communities for generations to come!

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