Women in Thieneba fill containers with soil. The women will then plant tree seedlings in each container.

In honor of World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, CREATE!’s partner communities in Senegal have initiated a major reforestation campaign.  Late spring is the beginning of the rainy season in Senegal and it is the perfect time to plant fragile tree seedlings.  CREATE!’s field technicians acquired seeds and pots for seedlings from our Senegalese government partners in Guinguineo.

CREATE! Field Technicians examine newly planted tree seedlings in Fass Koffe.

CREATE! aims to help beneficiaries plant 4,000 trees in each of our partner communities.  The villages of Thieneba, Fass Koffe, Fass Kane, and Gossas have all repotted seedlings in preparation for tree planting.  In Fass Koffe, members of the cooperative garden group repotted 80 papaya tree seedlings at the end of May.

In Thieneba, cooperative members have repotted dozens of tree seedlings, including both fruit and nut trees.

Trees can bring many benefits to CREATE!’s partner communities.  Cooperative groups plant fruit and nut trees, such as papaya and cashew, to supplement their diets and provide another source of household income.  Women also plant almond trees, flame trees, and acacias for windbreaks, fencing, and shade.