CREATE!’s approach to rural development focuses on the well-being of our partner communities. Our staff is composed of compassionate individuals who have a great love for the people they work with as well as the work that they do. In turn, we are able to build strong and trusting relationships with our partner communities. This is a key part of CREATE!’s success.

ruraldevelopmentOmar Ndiaye Seck, CREATE!’s Senegal Country Director, has worked with CREATE! since 2012. He was promoted to Senegal Country Director in 2014 and has since spearheaded our growth and impact on improving Senegalese women’s and families’ lives. In his six years as Country Director, Seck has been regulating and managing all of CREATE!’s programs in Senegal. This includes training, supervision, and coordination of CREATE!’s staff to implement programming in water acquisition, community gardens, Voluntary Savings and Lending Associations, and fuel-efficient cookstove construction.

Seck also works with community members to identify and respond to felt needs at the community level. The social value and moral dimensions of work are very important to him. Recently, Seck attended an engaging 10-day workshop with Tostan focused on community well-being. “Interventions that are based on a project approach and focus on what is missing instead of the strengths and capacities of communities often may fail. Approaches to well-being, as defined by the people themselves, show that sustainable results are possible if we take into account how all individuals and challenges are related and influence each other,” he explains.

In this short video, you will listen to Seck talk about CREATE!’s mission and vision for the future on CREATE!’s 10th Anniversary:

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“Alone we are going fast; all together, we will go even further”

In the future, CREATE! would like to spread our programs across rural Senegal given the great need for sustainable intervention both on an environmental and humanitarian level. We are counting on your contribution to help us do so. Consider donating to CREATE! today!

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