We are thrilled to announce that One Day’s Wages has selected CREATE! as the recipient of a matching challenge grant. Will you help us meet the challenge? One Day’s Wages has already pledged its support, but we need your help to raise the remaining $25,000 by October 31 to secure this match. One Day’s Wages is a grassroots organization whose mission is to alleviate extreme poverty around the globe. With your donation, CREATE! and One Day’s Wages will improve access to clean water, food security, health, nutrition, and livelihood opportunities of two communities in rural Senegal using environmentally appropriate technology and nature-based solutions.

Your contributions directly help CREATE! collaborate with community members to build a sustainable future as they cope with the impacts of climate change on their villages. To support our cause, donations must be made through One Day’s Wages campaign page for CREATE! or by checks made out to One Day’s Wages with CREATE! in the memo line.

Checks can be mailed to:
132 East Broadway, Suite 416
Eugene, OR 97401.

The Importance of CREATE!‘s Programs During 2020 and Beyond:

This year has highlighted the importance of the work that CREATE! is doing in Senegal. Building strong relationships with communities is one of CREATE!’s core values. With the uncertainty created by COVID-19, these relationships are even more crucial. Now more than ever, people are turning to their local leaders for support and information.

Community Garden Presidents and other leaders within the villages are taking it upon themselves to ensure their community’s safety and resilience. CREATE! Agricultural Technician, Nogaye Loum tells us that she is inspired by the Community Garden President in Mboss, Ndeye Diop. Nogaye explains, “She [Ndeye Diop] is more united and more dynamic than ever because she knows that the disease spares no one and that the food can run out, which is why she is taking care of the site more seriously to meet the food needs.”


Securing Food and Clean Water During the Pandemic

Through water and food security programs, our partner villages have been able to securely sustain themselves and their families during this time. In fact, during the initial phase of the COVID-19 restrictions that closed the village markets, their community gardens served as makeshift markets for the neighboring villages, where they could sell fresh produce to their neighbors and friends. Our partner communities have been able to provide food for their families and neighbors throughout the pandemic because of the agricultural training they received from CREATE!‘s technicians and continue to implement. Communities also depend on projects such as solar-powered water pumping systems to access clean water for drinking, gardening, and now especially, sanitation practices.

Through One Day’s Wages, we hope to bring this kind of success to more communities across rural Senegal in 2020 and beyond, for generations to come. Consider donating today, to help ensure over 2,000 people gain access to clean water and improved food security.