Diarra Ndour, 41, loves working in the Gagnick Mack cooperative garden. She believes that participating in CREATE! training programs has changed her life. She says, “I have noticed an improvement in my family’s health because we now have clean water, fresh vegetables, and nutritious chicken.”

In the past, families in Gagnick Mack rarely ate vegetables. There was no work available in the community and farming was only possible during the three months of the rainy season. “With access to clean water,” Diarra says, “it is now possible for us to grow food throughout the year. For the past two years, since we first partnered with CREATE!, we have been eating fresh vegetables grown in our village.”

Diarra is especially appreciative of her training in poultry production. “Before we had the poultry shed in Gagnick Mack, my family only ate chicken every few months. Now, we can eat chicken often.” Diarra is happy that she is now able to raise chickens because she has the skills and knowledge to do so. She says, “Chicken is great for my children’s health because it is rich in protein. I am also able to earn money by selling chicken to my neighbors.”

Improving my Children's Health: Diarra watering lettuce in her garden

Diarra waters recently transplanted lettuce in the Gagnick Mack garden site. Each day that she works in the garden, Diarra is able to bring home vegetables for her 7 children.