Meet Teningue Faye, a 21-year old cooperative member in the community of Gagnick Mack. Unusually for rural Senegal, Teningue does not live in a large multi-generational family compound but instead lives in a small house with her husband and three children. Her husband grows millet, peanuts, beans, and corn during the rainy season but does not have work the rest of the year. Although Teningue manages all of her housework alone, she still finds time to work in the village’s cooperative garden.

Teningue says, “I decided to participate in CREATE!’s programs because I felt that training from CREATE! was the only way for me to change my life.” She adds, “CREATE! gave me an occupation. I can know grow a variety of fresh vegetables and raise chickens to feed my children.”

Teningue has noticed a lot of changes in Gagnick Mack since CREATE! partnered with the community two years ago and believes that training in poultry production has been the most beneficial. She says, “I have noticed an improvement in health in Gagnick Mack. Now, everyone can get chicken and it is very nutritious. We also earn a lot of money from selling chickens in the village.”


Gagnick Mack Testimonial: Teningue uses her improved cookstove

Of CREATE!’s improved cookstoves, Teningue says: “The cookstove is good for me. Instead of walking many miles to collect firewood, I can now cook lunch with just two small pieces of wood.”