“Before CREATE!, it was difficult to find vegetables in our village. Our children didn’t even know vegetables. Now, thanks to the garden and the guidance of the CREATE! technicians, we are able to grow a variety of vegetables in Gagnick Mack.”

Ndeye Maguette Dia, 32, decided to participate in CREATE! training programs to improve her agricultural skills and to gain an occupation. She is a member of Gagnick Mack’s Voluntary Savings and Lending Association (VSLA). Ndeye Maguette says that her life has changed since she started working in the Gagnick Mack agricultural cooperative. Not only does she now have agricultural skills, Ndeye Maguette also has the ability to improve the diet of her children. “My family now eats fresh vegetables – rich in vitamins – every day,” she adds.

Ndeye Maguette also appreciates the benefits of her improved cookstove. “I used to walk many miles to collect firewood for cooking. Now, I can cook lunch with one or two small pieces of wood.” She adds, “I’m proud of the work that my community is doing with CREATE!

Preparing lunch with vegetables from the garden

Cooperative members in Gagnick Mack are able to grow a variety of vegetables in their garden site. Women used the vegetables shown here as part of a lunch that they prepared for visiting CREATE! Board members.