In the face of COVID-19, CREATE! is not only supporting our partner communities but are also helping numerous neighboring villages and towns in the same region. Recently, the Department of Gossas reached out to CREATE! to ask for assistance in purchasing and distributing PPE face masks in rural Senegal. We are happy to provide aid as we believe that supporting our local and global family is crucial during this time.

“It is an honor to respond to the Gossas Prefect’s call for assistance to Senegal’s COVID-19 response effort,” says Michael Carson, CREATE! Executive Director. “CREATE! considers itself a strong and responsive partner with the Government’s development efforts. This donation of 600 masks for Colobane Commune has enabled us to expand our COVID-19 response, which consists of training, awareness and provision of handwashing stations. We are honored to provide support to Senegalese communities that are adjacent to badly affected COVID-19 hotspots.”

Gossas Info provided a video of Sahite Fall, Prefect of Gossas, thanking CREATE! for assistance with the mask distribution.

The Benefit of Distributing Face Masks in Rural Senegal:

Provided below is an English summary of the video:

CREATE! donated 600 masks to the Department of Gossas. CREATE! is an NGO that works in Gossas and other rural areas through community-based interventions including horticultural (vegetable) and agriculture production and reforestation, and especially with protecting our environment throughout the department. These are examples of activities that CREATE! implements in Gossas.

Today CREATE! has decided to assist our government to join our fight against COVID-19 in Gossas through our commitment to preventing the spread of the COVID-19. I congratulate and thank CREATE! for their kind and noble gesture. CREATE! was the first NGO in Gossas to respond to my appeal. They have established handwashing stations complete with bleach to protect women’s groups that CREATE! is supporting from contracting the virus.

We are located on the border with Touba/Mbacke in Louga Region which is the center of the Coronavirus epidemic in Senegal. Therefore, we are focused on the Commune of Colobane where the population is focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and has requested masks. Once again, we thank the NGO CREATE! for its timely and generous support to our COVID-19 response efforts.

Interested in supporting CREATE!‘s efforts in rural Senegal? Consider donating today to help rural communities in Senegal build resilience in the face of COVID-19.

Here’s How Your Contributions Can Help:

$20 – $50 will allow CREATE!‘s technicians to provide COVID-10 awareness and prevention training in each of our partner communities.

$50 – $75 will help CREATE!‘s technicians set up 17 handwashing and sanitizing stations in our partner communities.

$100 – $200 will help CREATE!‘s technicians construct a latrine inside a CREATE! community garden site to provide women with a safe sanitation place.

$250 + will support the rehabilitation of one well which will provide CREATE!‘s new community with reliable access to clean water for sanitation, drinking, and agriculture purposes.