Rokhe Sarr, 50, says that her life has changed since CREATE! began training programs in her community 1 ½ years ago. “Before CREATE! the village was like a desert, but now thanks to the garden and the tree planting campaign, we have green space and many trees around the village.” Rokhe is also thrilled that she no longer needs to spend much time collecting firewood to cook with her improved cookstove. She adds, “There is no longer deforestation in Darou Diadji.”

Rokhe adds, “CREATE! has helped my community build food self-sufficiency.” Although she did not know how to grow vegetables before receiving training from CREATE!’s field technicians, Rokhe is now proud of her work in Darou Diadji’s garden. She notes, “My family and neighbors are now able to eat fresh vegetables every day. Before the garden, this was impossible.”

Rokhe weighs tomatoes in the Darou Diadji garden site

As part of her duties in Darou Diadji’s agricultural cooperative, Rokhe helps weigh and sell vegetables harvested from the garden.