Cookstove Mastery

Thieneba Cooperative Group President, Mere Top, teaches Sam Bentson from Oregon how to build a CREATE! improved cookstove.


Women in CREATE! partner communities have enthusiastically embraced using and constructing CREATE!’s clay-sand improved cookstove. Mere Top, Thieneba Cooperative President and cookstove trainer, has worked diligently to ensure that every household in Thieneba has at least one improved cookstove.  Mere recently taught Sam Bentson, a visitor from Oregon, how to build the CREATE! cookstove using free, locally available materials. Sam visited CREATE! partner communities Diender and Thieneba to learn more about CREATE!’s improved cookstove design and construction.  He visited a number of homes and saw firsthand how women were able to cook entire meals with only two pieces of firewood. Sam thanked the women and commended their mastery of CREATE! improved cookstove  construction.