Pictured above are CREATE! staff Charlotte Odille Diedhiou, Papa Mayoro Diop, and Nogaye Loum in the front row with the women of Ndiagne Kahone after an improved cookstove training. Ndiagne Kahone is one of the two partner communities that Addax & Oryx will be supporting over the next four years.

We are proud to announce that CREATE! received an Addax & Oryx grant! Addax & Oryx Foundation is an independent Swiss-based non-profit foundation. They believe that in the fight against poverty a virtuous circle of sustainable development can be created by working with communities to share and develop the basic knowledge, skills, and conditions that empower them for the future.

Together, we are looking forward to building a brighter future in Senegal

Addax & Oryx Foundation awarded CREATE! a total of $150,000 which will be spread out over the next four years. This new grant will support CREATE!‘s climate-smart community empowerment programs in two communities.

“As a small foundation, we aim to fund holistic, focused and high-impact projects led by passionate and committed organizations. CREATE!’s innovative model and dedicated staff are the key to our collaboration in the crucial journey of sustainably lifting vulnerable populations out of extreme poverty,” says Belinda Hall, Addax & Oryx Foundation Managing Director.

CREATE! staff Papa Ba, Amadou Diouf, and Ousmane Diallo observe the abandoned well in the village of Ndiagne Kahone.

In addition to CREATE!‘s main programs in water, community gardens, renewable energy, and income generation, we will also focus on two newer projects to enhance our programs:

Piloting a rainwater harvest system:

To help replenish the groundwater and the aquifers that feed our community water wells, we plan to install rain-water harvest systems in our new communities using our training center rooftops as the catchment area.

Drip irrigation system:

To efficiently irrigate the garden sites where the communities grow nutritious vegetables year-round, we plan to install a drip irrigation system to the network of gravity-fed above ground basins.

We are thrilled to forge a new partnership with the Addax & Oryx Foundation and to collaborate with new Senegalese villages to help community members build a sustainable future for their families.

How does CREATE! choose partner communities?

CREATE! is about self-development and participation. We provide training and support that enables communities to take ownership of their self-development projects. To ensure a community is ready for a high level of commitment and community organization, CREATE! technicians hold a village-wide improved cookstove training. If community members enthusiastically engage in the construction and use of the improved cookstoves, they have earned the opportunity to participate in CREATE!’s fully integrated programs!

As shown in the two photo above and below, the women in Ndiagne Kahone were fully engaged in the training. We believe that this kind of participation and transforms into ownership of their self-development projects, and that the community will continue to sustain and grow the programs that CREATE! establishes, according to their own needs and motivations. Stay tuned for project updates from Ndiagne Kahone!

Fatou Sow demonstrates an improved cookstove in Ndiagne Kahone.