“Since the arrival of CREATE! in Walo, there have been many changes in our village. Before only men worked and women stayed at home without anything to do. But now, thanks to CREATE!, both men and women now work in the garden.”

Mame Fall, 35, lives in Walo with his parents, wife, and children. Mame is CREATE!’s community volunteer for Walo and enjoys working in the garden site with his wife, who is a cooperative member. He appreciates both the economic and health benefits of CREATE! programs, noting that his parents’ health has improved thanks to access to fresh vegetables and clean water from Walo’s rehabilitated well.

Mame is also appreciative of CREATE!’s unique approach to development. When Mame first met CREATE!’s field technicians, he said, “here comes the type of development I was looking for.” He adds, “When other NGOs came to Walo, only women were allowed to participate in program activities. CREATE! is different because they are helping everybody. There is no distinction.”

Mame with a water basin

Mame says that he decided to participate in CREATE! programs because he wanted to help himself and his community.