Absa Fall, 18, lives with her family in the community of Darou Diadji. She is proud that, with her training in sustainable agriculture and participation in tree planting campaigns, she is now able to feed her children fresh vegetables every day and have a sustainable future to look forward to. “Before CREATE!, we did not know how to grow vegetables and had to walk many miles to buy them. Now, thanks to the field technicians we have the skills and knowledge to grow our own vegetables here in Darou Diadji.”

Absa has noted many changes in Darou Diadji over the past year. She says, “Our village used to cut down many trees for firewood because we cooked over open fires that were very wasteful. Thanks to our improved cookstoves and the annual tree planting campaigns, there are now lots of trees in Darou Diadji.”

Absa says that she has learned many new things from CREATE!. She adds, “CREATE! has shown me how to develop my own skills and abilities.”

Caring for young papaya trees with the annual tree planting campaigns

Cooperative members in Darou Diadji care for recently planted papaya tree seedlings in their garden site.