Adama Diouf, 40, lives in Diender in peace and happiness with her family. She says, “I decided to participate in CREATE!’s training programs because I wanted to work to improve my life.”

Adama is very grateful for the many benefits of CREATE!, including training programs in the construction, use, and maintenance of clay-sand improved cookstoves. She says, “Now that I use the improved cookstove, I no longer need to walk many miles to collect firewood. My kitchen is also not so smoky and I’m happy that our improved cookstoves help fight deforestation.”

Adama believes that CREATE!’s training programs have changed her life and the lives of many in Diender. “Many women in our community used to go to Dakar to seek work. Now, with CREATE!’s programs in Diender, we all have the means to develop ourselves without leaving our village. CREATE!’s impact in Diender will be sustainable for years to come.”

Adama working in the garden using techniques they learned in the training programs

Diender graduated from CREATE!’s programs in March. Adama and her fellow cooperative members continue to successfully manage their village’s garden using the skills that they learned from CREATE!’s field technicians.