Awa Diouf, 33, says that there have been many important changes in her life since she first began participating in CREATE! training programs in Thieneba five years ago. She says, “Before CREATE!, many women stayed home without an occupation or traveled to town to find a job. CREATE! give us the opportunity to stay in our community and meet our needs.”

Awa says that she is participating in all of CREATE!’s training programs because all of them are connected. She appreciates the skills and knowledge that she has been able to develop. Awa believes that, in particular, raising poultry has been very profitable for Thieneba. She says, “I am able to earn lots of money and feed my family with chicken that I produce in my own community.” 

Awa with her cookstove built through CREATE!'s training programs

Awa loves cooking with her big improved cookstove. It helps her cook for her large extended family. She lives with her husband, in-laws, two co-wives, and their children – 20 people in all!

Awa believes that the knowledge and skills that men and women have gained through participation in CREATE! training will benefit the community for years to come. She adds, “CREATE! is a sustainable project that even our children can benefit from in the future.”