“There is a big difference between CREATE! and other NGOs. CREATE! has given us the possibility to work for ourselves.”

Soda Kebe, 50, has been a diligent member of the Fass Kane agricultural cooperative for the past five years. She says, “Before CREATE!, I was jobless. I now have skills and knowledge to grow vegetables that I can use forever.” Soda is proud of everything that she has accomplished thanks to training from CREATE! She adds, “We now have the chance to raise chickens in Fass Kane. Before CREATE!, it was difficult to find chicken in our community.”

Soda thanks CREATE!’s field technicians for everything they have done for the community of Fass Kane. She says, “There is a proverb – ‘It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish every day.’ CREATE! has shown us the way to work so we can meet our needs for a lifetime.”

Inside the Fass Kane chicken shed

Growing chickens require consistent, diligent care. Cooperative members like Soda Kebe (and the woman pictured here) visit the Fass Kane poultry shed to check on chicks multiple times each day.