Gratitude. It’s the first word that comes to mind when we think of all the donors who have contributed so far to our 2017 Fall Fundraising Campaign. Because of you, we have already raised over $8,000 to support CREATE! programs in rural Senegal. We are now closer to being able to partner with new villages to help them build a more sustainable future and a better life for their families and children.

Mame Dior picks okra in the Mboss cooperative garden, where she and the other cooperative members are learning sustainable agricultural techniques from CREATE!’s field technicians. She has noticed an improvement in her family’s health since they’ve had increased access to fresh vegetables.

Your donations have made it possible for women like Mame Dior Mbacké, 42, of Mboss, to better support her family of 12. For her, the ability to participate in CREATE!’s programs was not something she was about to pass up. “There are many villages that want to partner with CREATE!, and here in Mboss we actually have the chance to be involved, so it’s important that we work hard to make the most of this opportunity,” she says. “I am proud of the CREATE! team because they are helping rural communities.”

She and her family have been much healthier since they started eating vegetables from the community garden. “I’m sure in two years, we’ll be able to fully manage our community garden on our own, because the technicians are training us so efficiently,” she says

Hundreds of pounds of okra, eggplant, and jaxatu (African eggplant) have been harvested throughout CREATE!’s partner communities this season.

In Mboss, children are now enjoying an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables year round from their new community garden. As they grow older, they will learn the sustainable agricultural practices that their parents are learning today.

Our programs across all 13 of our partner communities are made possible by donations from people like you. That’s the power of giving: You can make a difference in someone’s life halfway around the world! We are so deeply grateful to all who have already donated and continue to support our programs in rural Senegal. Seeing the incredible difference that your donations make in peoples’ lives is truly inspiring.


If you would like to help more women like Mame Dior and their families, consider donating today.