Many of CREATE!’s partner communities are located in Senegal’s “peanut basin”. This area of the country is renowned for its seasonal groundnut cultivation. Each year, over one million metric tons of peanuts are harvested from the region. The majority of the cultivation takes place during Senegal’s short, 3-month rainy season in the summer, which began a few weeks ago.

Climate Change in the Peanut Basin

Over 90% of peanut cultivation and other agriculture in Senegal is reliant on rainfall. Unfortunately, climate change has been causing increasingly unpredictable weather patterns throughout West Africa. Some years are drier than others, however this year field technicians have reported torrential rains and windstorms across the region over the past few weeks.

Combating Climate Change with Year-Round Gardens

These unpredictable weather patterns have made CREATE!’s sustainable agriculture training all the more important and valuable to rural communities because they rely heavily on their natural resources for their livelihoods. In the past, many people were only able to earn an income seasonally off the peanut harvest. Today, however, thousands of men and women are benefiting from year-round access to fresh vegetables and water available from CREATE!’s partner communities.

Let’s take a photo tour through rural Senegal to see what summer looks like in our partner communities!

In Thienaba, one of CREATE!’s newest graduated communities, cooperative members have gotten off to a great start. They are maintaining their garden independently and using the training and knowledge they built up over their years in partnership with CREATE!.


After receiving financial literacy training from CREATE!’s technicians, the cooperative in Back Samba Dior recently formed two VSLA (Voluntary Savings and Lending Association) groups. The groups meet regularly to deposit money into their savings, and will eventually give out loans to group members who need it.


Wereyane is a partner village in Senegal’s northern Louga region. Normally this time of year, the land is sandy, hot, and dry, as you can see in the background of the photo. However, with the hard work of the cooperative group under the guidance of CREATE!’s technicians, the community has grown into a thriving green oasis in just a matter of months!


Diender is another one of CREATE!’s recently graduated communities! They continue to impress us with their high level of self-sufficiency. Field staff like Amadou Diouf continue to work with the cooperative leaders to provide guidance and assistance on a regular basis.