A large crowd of residents gathered in Back Samba Dior last week to celebrate the installation of a solar powered pumping system at the garden site’s newly rehabilitated well. Community members were astounded to see water brought 200 feet to the surface from a well that had been unused for decades!

Volunteers install the solar powered pumping system

CREATE! field technicians installed the solar powered pumping system with the assistance of several young men who live in Back Samba Dior.

Members of the new agricultural cooperative in Back Samba Dior are thrilled to have access to clean water and are very appreciative of CREATE!’s role in this effort. Omar Ndiaye Seck, CREATE!’s Senegal Country Director, is immensely proud of the accomplishments of CREATE!’s technicians, who worked with volunteers from Back Samba Dior to complete the installation.

With the solar powered pumping system in place, cooperative members are able to gather water from basins located throughout the garden site. Gardening activities can now begin! Within just a few weeks, thanks to extensive training from CREATE! field technicians, garden cooperative members in Back Samba Dior will harvest fresh, nutritious vegetables from their garden site. This cultivation would not be possible without access to water pumped from the well using solar power.

Abundant water from the new solar powered pumping system

Power from the new solar panel array (back of photo) will quickly pump well water to an elevated storage reservoir (front of photo) located in the Back Samba Dior garden site.

Abundant, clean water from the rehabilitated well will also improve the health of men and women in Back Samba Dior. Amy Sene, a cooperative member in our partner community of Fass Koffe, says “We are now drinking clean water from the well thanks to CREATE! There has been a great improvement to the health of many in our community, including myself.”

Getting water from the new solar powered pumping system

Volunteers cooled off with water pumped from the well.