(Image from senenews.com)

Football (or soccer, here in the US) is one of the most popular sports in the world, including in Senegal. This year CREATE! staff and field technicians will be watching on the edge of their seats, because for the second time in world history, Senegal’s football team, Les Lions de la Téranga (the Lions of Teranga), will be competing in the FIFA World Cup.

The Lions of Teranga last competed in the World Cup in 2002, where they became one of only three African teams in history to reach the quarter-finals. Now 16 years later, they will be competing in Russia as one of five African teams and 27 other teams from around the world. This year they qualified for the World Cup after defeating South Africa 0-2 in November 2017.

In Senegal, “Teranga” is a Wolof word that roughly translates to “hospitality,” but most Wolof speakers will tell you that it means more than that. Teranga is how you treat your guests, or those who are not you. Thus, the Lions of Teranga represent a kindness and generosity that turns to fierceness on the field.

Next week, we will be rooting for Senegal right alongside our field team, for their first match against Poland, starting Tuesday, June 19 at 4pm GMT (8am PDT). Join us in celebrating Senegal, and root for the Lions of Teranga!