“There is a big difference between CREATE! and other NGOs. CREATE! has changed our lives.”

Marieme Top, 23, lives in the community of Ouarkhokh with her parents, siblings, and daughter. Marieme joined the Ouarkhokh agricultural cooperative just three months ago, but she already believes that her participation in the cooperative is improving her life. “I missed many of the original trainings but my mother, who has been a cooperative member for several years, is teaching me many things. With the help of CREATE!’s agricultural technicians, I now have the knowledge I need to grow my own vegetables.”

Marieme is thrilled that she now has the knowledge and opportunities that she needs to improve her life. She dreams of using her new skills to “help her parents and other people in need.”


Marieme working in the garden

In the Ouarkhokh agricultural cooperative garden site, Marieme adds manure to the garden beds. Cooperative members will soon transplant onion seedlings into these garden beds.