Last weekend, staff from CREATE!’s US office took part in the 2017 Global Women’s Empowerment Expo, presented by Harvard Alumni for Global Women’s Empowerment (GlobalWE).  Organized by Harvard Alumni for Global Women’s Empowerment, the Expo aimed to connect alumni, current students, and other Harvard affiliates with nonprofits and social enterprises on the forefront of girls’ and women’s issues worldwide.

CREATE! was one of nearly 40 organizations represented, with around 150 attendees including alumni, students, and other participants affiliated with Harvard University. As a member of the GlobalWE Board, Louise was excited to see the turnout for the event. “I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with and reach out to so many organizations in New England and nationally that are doing good work on behalf of women and girls worldwide,” she said.  “It was exciting to see CREATE! represented at the Expo alongside others working in Africa, Central America, Asia, and the US.” A full list of participating organizations can be viewed on the 2017 Women’s Empowerment Expo website.

Louise and Kaitlyn at the Harvard Global Women's Empowerment Expo

CREATE! Grants Manager Kaitlyn Grigsby-Hall represented CREATE! at the 2017 Harvard GlobalWE Expo this past weekend in Cambridge, MA.

“People were very interested in learning about how our programs build self-sufficiency and how they improve the lives of women,” said CREATE! Grants Manager Kaitlyn Grigsby-Hall. Additionally, she remarked, “it was inspiring to see so many organizations that work with key issues focused on women, with so many different specialties.” From blueEnergy, which supports healthy families and resilient communities in Nicaragua, to WEEMA International, aiming to empower Ethiopian communities through local leadership and community collaboration, it was an honor for CREATE! to be there among so many incredible organizations. As an annual event, the Global Women’s Empowerment Expo will be taking place once more in 2018. We look forward to being there again!