In March, Dr. Susan Briggs visited CREATE!’s partner communities in Senegal and met several cooperative members and their children. Dr. Briggs is pictured above with CREATE! Communications Assistant Ndeye Fatou Thiam.

Dr. Susan Briggs, CREATE! Board Member, visited CREATE!’s programs earlier this year. As she toured garden sites and met cooperative members and their families, she noted the benefits of access to local produce. She says, “Next to mother’s milk, there is nothing more important for young children than fresh vegetables.”

Dr. Briggs inspecting vegetables

In Gagnick Mack, cooperative members showed Dr. Briggs fresh vegetables – all grown in their community garden – that they use to prepare the traditional Senegalese lunch of ceebu jën.

With access to abundant, affordable water and training in sustainable agriculture, cooperative members can now grow fresh vegetables year-round to feed their children. Before the arrival of CREATE! in these communities, many families were rarely able to purchase or eat fresh vegetables. Now, women throughout our partner communities are able to serve healthy, inexpensive, and high-quality vegetables to their children.

Mother and child in the Diender garden

This cooperative member in Diender keeps her child close by as she works in the community’s garden site.