“Thanks to CREATE! training programs, I have seen many changes in my life. Years ago, I didn’t have the opportunity to work and support my family. Now, I do.”

Fatou Ndiaye, 37, lives in Diender with her extended family. Her husband works in the city and sends money to support Fatou and their children. She has been active in Diender’s agricultural cooperative for the past several years. “Before CREATE!, we had to travel many miles to buy vegetables from the market. Now, we have access to vegetables that we grow ourselves! We can also grow vegetables throughout the dry season because we have bountiful water at the garden site.”

Fatou is very proud of all of the skills that she has learned from CREATE! field technicians, which fuels her drive for fighting for development. She can now grow her own vegetables and build herself an improved cookstove. “CREATE!’s programs are helping to develop the community of Diender.” Fatou adds, “if I have the means I would continue to fight for the development of Diender and would bring electricity to the village.”