Faty Top, 45, lives happily in the community of Ouarkhokh with her five children. She decided to participate in CREATE!’s cooperative agricultural programs because she wanted to work and to support her children. CREATE!’s programs have had a profound effect on Faty’s ability to earn an income as a divorced woman. She says, “With the money I earn from the garden, I can support my family. I have no one else to help pay expenses. The VSLA helps me save money and I can even take out a loan when needed.”

Faty Diop grows the vegetables she feeds her children

The drip irrigation system in Ouarkhokh has helped cooperative members reduce water use and improve vegetables yields.

Faty is very appreciative of her new training in year-round sustainable vegetable cultivation. She adds, “I have learned lots of skills in the training sessions because the technicians are so professional.” She is also excited about Ouarkhokh’s new drip irrigation system. She says, “With the drip irrigation system, we no longer have an expensive water bill and our work is much easier. We are now producing more vegetables than ever and we are able to sell them in other communities.”