Amy Sene, 55, has been part of the Fass Koffe agricultural cooperative for the past six years. Amy says, “We are now drinking clean water and earning money to support our families. CREATE!’s programs bring us many benefits.”

Amy’s husband is in poor health and cannot work; she appreciates the income that she earns through the sale of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and chicken produced by the Fass Koffe cooperative. Amy’s two daughters-in-law take care of their home and her grandchildren, so Amy is able to devote her time to working in the community’s garden site.

Amy working in the Fass Koffe garden

“I have learned from CREATE! technicians all of the skills I need to grow vegetables and raise chickens,” Amy adds.

Fass Koffe is a large community located on a major road. The village’s cooperative is able to sell their produce in Fass Koffe’s popular weekly market. Before CREATE! began teaching women in Fass Koffe to grow vegetables year-round, they had to travel long distances to purchase vegetables and chickens that were often expensive and not fresh. Amy says, “Thanks to CREATE!, we can now grow and sell vegetables to support families in our community.”

“I have seen many NGOs fail in rural Senegal,” Amy concludes. “With other NGOs, we would work very hard but never see any benefits. CREATE!’s programs have changed Fass Koffe forever by giving us the means to meet our needs together.”


Fass Koffe garden site

Hundreds of trees in the Fass Koffe garden site protect vulnerable seedlings from the hot sun.