CREATE! has given us everything we need to have a perfect life: healthy food, clean water, microfinance training, and the security of our improved cookstoves.”

Aida Dieng, 30, rises early each day to complete her household chores before working in the Fass Koffe cooperative garden site. She says, “I don’t mind the extra work – I love being in the garden.” Aida believes that participating in CREATE! training programs has changed the lives of women and families throughout her community. She adds, “CREATE!’s technicians really know how to help people develop skills that they can use to improve their lives forever.”

“Before CREATE!, it was difficult to find vegetables in Fass Koffe.” Aida thinks that the community’s increased access to fresh produce and chicken has improved the health of her children and neighbors. “Now, there is not a day that we do not eat vegetables. Thanks to CREATE! we now know the importance of vegetables to our health.” She adds, “My children also eat more chicken and are growing strong.”


At work in the Fass Koffe cooperative garden site

Aida believes that the town of Fass Koffe has changed since women began participating in CREATE! training programs six years ago. She says, “Now women are able to work together to benefit our community. They no longer need to go to Dakar to find a job.”