Binta Ndiaye, 50, is a member of the agricultural cooperative in the community of Darou Diadji. Binta loves her village, where she works and lives with her husband, daughter-in-law, and ten children. She is an active member of Darou Diadji’s agricultural cooperative, and working on ending poverty in rural Senegal through her participation in the program. As part of the cooperative, Binta has gained many new agricultural skills and is now able to cultivate vegetables for her family.

Binta says that she has seen many changes in Darou Diadji since CREATE! began operating there. “Before CREATE!, we had difficulty accessing affordable water.” Binta adds, “Now, we can easily obtain water from our community well.” Binta also praises her new improved cookstove. “With the cookstove we don’t spend much money to buy wood!”

Binta emphasizes the importance of CREATE! programs in her community: “CREATE! helps rural communities work and earn a living. If all NGOs in Senegal were like CREATE!, poverty would decrease in rural communities.”

Working in the Darou Diadji garden site

Ending Poverty in Rural Senegal: Cooperative members work together to care for vegetables growing in the Darou Diadji garden site.