CREATE!’s programs are helping us participate in developing our own rural communities.”

Bigué Diouf, 32, decided to participate in CREATE!’s training programs to support her family and to have a part in developing rural communities like her own. She says, “Two years ago, I stayed at home without an occupation. Now, I am able to work in the garden. Thanks to the help of the technicians, I now have many skills and knowledge in vegetable cultivation.” Bigué’s dream is for Walo to become a regional market for vegetable production.

Developing Rural Communities: Preparing tree sachets

The cooperative in Walo will plant over 2,000 trees during the upcoming annual rainy season tree planting campaign. In this photo, Bigué helps prepare sachets for tree seedlings.

Bigué is also appreciate of the economic benefits of participation in CREATE!’s programs. She says, “The entire village appreciates our Voluntary Savings and Lending Association (VSLA). We now have the opportunity to save money for our future.” Bigué also notes that everyone in Walo is very excited that the agricultural cooperative will soon be raising chickens in their community – the first time chickens will ever be raised in Walo.

Developing Rural Communities: Watering in the Walo garden

During this hot part of the year, cooperative members in Walo water vegetables twice daily.