“We now have the means to change our community for the better. Because we now have employment, we can stay in the village and work together. Community unity is strength.”

Awa Dieng, 20, has been a member of the Darou Diadji agricultural cooperative for the past year. She decided to participate in CREATE! training programs because she wanted to use her new knowledge to benefit her community. “Years ago, it was difficult to find vegetables in Darou Diadji. Thanks to CREATE!, my family now eats a lot of vegetables which are rich in vitamins.”

Awa also appreciates the environmental benefits of CREATE! programs in her community. “We now have many trees in our village, thanks to CREATE! The improved cookstoves have reduced deforestation in the community because we use less firewood to cook. Without trees, we would not have clean air.”

More than anything, Awa is thrilled that CREATE!’s training programs have helped unite her community. “Darou Diadji now has the opportunity to work together to improve our lives.”

Harvesting eggplants

Awa says that Darou Diadji is building a reputation in Guinguineo District for the vegetables that cooperative members grow.