Last week’s blog post discussed National Geographic Channel’s Years of Living Dangerously and its upcoming episode about climate change and rural Senegal human migrations. The show’s second season is garnering much media attention, including a radio interview with Thomas Friedman earlier this week.

On this past Monday’s episode of WNYC’s The Takeaway, host John Hockenberry interviewed New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman about his role as correspondent for the second season of Years of Living Dangerously. Listen to the seven-minute clip here:

During the interview, Hockenberry and Friedman discuss the challenges of climate change in rural Senegal, where Friedman traveled for his Years of Living Dangerously segment on how climate change is creating an international refugee crisis. Farming is no longer a viable livelihood for many living in rural Senegal and thousands of young men are fleeing West Africa to seek employment in Europe.

Thomas Friedman’s episode, “The Uprooted” will air on Wednesday, November 9th at 10 pm on National Geographic Channel. Viewers can also watch Years of Living Dangerously on Hulu, Amazon, Googleplay, and iTunes.