CREATE!’s 2017 Annual Impact Report is here! Every spring, we publish an annual report to summarize our accomplishments with our partner communities over the past year. In this year’s report, we are especially proud to highlight the great achievements of our beneficiaries and field staff. All of this is made possible by the support of our donors!

Increasing Access to Water

In 2017, your donations helped 2,500 people gain access to clean, abundant, and affordable water in the desert climate of rural Senegal. These families together are now collecting up to 65 gallons of water for household use each day. This helps to improve health and sanitation.

2017 Annual Impact Report

The garden site in Gagnick Mack put out an abundance of fresh vegetables last year, including hundreds of pounds of cabbages!

Building Food Security

Over the past year, your donations made it possible for communities grow and harvest over 55,000 lbs of fresh vegetables. With the sustainable agriculture training they received, families were able to increase their household vegetable consumption by up to 200%.

CREATE! Field Assistant Pape Ba cleans and adjusts the tilt angle of Thienaba’s solar array that powers the pump in their well.

Creating Community Self-Sufficiency

Your contributions helped participants successfully engage in sustainability projects. Community members received training and planted over 25,000 tree seedlings. They built over 600 improved cookstoves total which helped decrease deforestation. Participants also maintain thirteen solar arrays that pump water in all thirteen of our partner communities.

And in 2017, over 480 men and women participated in Voluntary Savings and Lending Association groups. Thus improving their financial literacy and ability to manage their earnings from their vegetable and poultry sales.

Read our 2017 Annual Impact Report online, or email us to request a print copy.

These are just a few of the highlights of our impacts in rural Senegal over the past year. To see more, access our 2017 Annual Impact Report online here! We would love to hear your feedback. Tweet to us, write us a note on Facebook, or send us an email! Let us know what inspires you, what questions you might have, thoughts, or comments.