CREATE! ’s Solar Water Projects

This is CREATE!’s keystone program! Water is the foundation for economic success in rural Senegal. CREATE!’s solar water projects bring year-round water to communities without the use of fossil fuels. With year-round access to water, communities are able to engage in projects such as tree-planting campaigns and community gardening through which families develop food security and income-generating opportunities.

The benefit of solar water pumping systems:

No fossil fuels!
Easy access to year-round water
Clean drinking water
Water for growing food
Water for sustaining trees

Offset 1000 lbs of Carbon for $30

CREATE! ’s Tree-Planting Program

Did you know that Senegal loses an average of 45,000 hectares of forest per year? CREATE!’s tree-planting program helps reforest and replenish regions that have been stripped of nutrients due to land exploitation and increasing desertification. Not only do trees support the health of the soil but they also increase food security for families in rural Senegal.

The benefit of trees:

Nourish the soil and reduce erosion
Provide food
Reduce air temperature
Provide shade and windbreak
Replenish firewood

Offset 1000 lbs of Carbon for $3

Fill Two Needs with One Deed

While it is more expensive to offset your transportation carbon footprint through the solar water project, with more cost comes more impact. One solar pump offsets 926,717 lbs of carbon and our tree-planting campaign offsets 629,000 lbs of carbon. And, without water from the solar pump, the tree-planting campaign couldn’t happen!

Offset Your Transportation Carbon Footprint:

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As noted above, water is the foundation for economic success in rural Senegal. In addition to reducing carbon, this project directly supports tree-planting, food development, and income generation.

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 As noted above, CREATE!'s tree-planting program reduces carbon through reforesting but also increases food security for families.

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